The SwissCellSpa Experience

The SwissCellSpa Experience: excellence in skincare and well-being

Cellcosmet and Cellmen are reinventing the spa experience with a unique concept of incomparable in-salon skincare rituals, The SwissCellSpa Experience, combining leading-edge skincare formulas with the ultimate in relaxation, helping you to be your most beautiful self.

The SwissCellSpa Experience wraps you in a cocoon of pure pleasure for a matchless sensory journey

Let the skilled hands of our beauty experts pamper you in an exceptional, incomparably effective skincare ritual. Revitalising cellular skincare containing relaxing and firming* phyto-marine complexes are used in a programme designed just for you, sweeping you into a world of well-being, an unforgettable experience of relaxation, revitalisation and enhanced beauty.

A moment when time stands still, far from the stressful hustle-bustle of life, a time to awaken your senses, reveal your skin’s natural beauty, recharge and reconnect with your inner self. Body, mind and spirit are once again in harmonious alignment, letting you shine from the inside out.

The Science of Cosmetics to bring out your true beauty

Applying our expertise in the field of Swiss cellular and phyto cosmetics, we have developed a series of intensive programmes for face and body. Whether you are a man or a woman, each ritual can be entirely customised to match your skin’s unique profile and needs.

The certified Cellcosmet (for women) and Cellmen (for men) specialists can offer you state-of-the-art skincare rituals that bring visible results instantly. A world exclusive from our laboratory: skincare containing stabilised cellular extracts obtained using the CellControl™ method, for a matchless experience of revitalisation in salons, spas and medi-spas.

Enjoy the beneficial results of your spa experience even longer at home with our Cellcosmet and Cellmen skincare lines: our experts will guide you in the products to choose to meet your skin’s specific needs.

Prestigious partner establishments

An unforgettable spa experience demands an enchanting setting. See the list of dream destinations that offer our programmes, places where you can enjoy the most memorable sensory adventure possible in the world of spas and salons.

Beyond skincare
lies well-being

Entrust your facial and body care to the expert hands of certified specialists trained in The SwissCellSpa Experience and savour moments of true well-being and pleasure. These incomparably effective rituals, designed for both women and men, are a time to relax and recharge, for new vitality and radiance.

Cellcosmet Swiss Revitalising CellFacial

The signature personalised ritual for radiant, revitalised skin

Give your face new vitality with this ritual tailored to your skin’s specific needs. You will be wrapped in well-being in this relaxing ritual of cellular skincare and revitalising massages that smooth away lines, relax and refresh your face, leaving a glowing complexion.

Cellcosmet Swiss Deluxe ProCollagen Face and Neck

A youth-revealing concentrate for face and neck

Treat your skin to an infusion of collagen, stabilised revitalising cellular extracts and hyaluronic acid: an exclusive ritual to firm*, densify* and instantly plump* your skin.

Made with a revitalising serum rich in stabilised cellular extracts, the sheet-mask has a velvety texture and contains ultra-pure collagen that is biologically very similar to that of your skin. This means it acts symbiotically with skin for immediate, visible results. Your facial skin appears visibly plumper*, smoother* and firmer*. Facial contours are redefined*, the complexion is more even in tone and texture, with a noticeable glow. You will also appreciate how instantly, fresh and radiant your skin looks after using this energising* mask thanks to its soothing action for dry skin.

Cellmen Swiss Executive Revitalising CellFacial

The signature cellular ritual for men

Gentlemen, discover how effective a cellular ritual can be when it is specifically tailored to your skin’s physiological age and male identity. This ritual is a tremendous skin booster that intensely revitalises and instantly refreshes*, recharging your skin and energising your complexion.

Cellmen Swiss Executive Deluxe Intensive Elasto-Collagen

The extraordinary firming* and moisturising** ritual

Experience a cellular skincare ritual designed to revitalise your skin and redefine* your facial contours. Results are visible from the very start, as the precious ingredients work synergistically and a skilfully executed massage reshape your facial lines. With this powerful dose of Elasto-Collagen Ultra Intensive cellular serum, your skin looks perfectly moisturised**, with a firmer, springier texture, for a complexion that is invigorated and energised.

*In terms of appearance
**Moisturises the upper layers of the epidermis