Our ingredients

Our ingredients: unique savoir-faire for unparalleled effectiveness

Our Cellcosmet and Cellmen skincare lines are born of our ceaseless quest for innovation. Our CellControl™ method, the prerequisite to such ambitious and original formulas, delivers the quintessence of cellular potency to your skin, unleashing revitalising and moisturising* powers that reveal skin’s natural radiance. The stabilised cellular extracts we obtain through this exclusive process blend superbly with natural ingredients sourced from land and sea and meticulously selected by our experts. The results are skin solutions precisely tailored to your personal beauty concerns. Explore the ingredients that have brought us such exceptional renown.

CellControl™: the beating heart of our cosmetic research

This avant-garde process, an exclusive method that ensures our skincare products remain exceptional, was discovered through research performed by our team of scientists.

The CellControlTM method is a technological process that lets us capture and preserve the extraordinary power of stabilised cellular extracts, an exclusive technique that places Cellap Laboratoire at the forefront of cosmetic science. Now, biotechnology is used to enhance cosmetic formulas and science becomes the answer in the search for beautiful skin. This incomparable savoir-faire means that cellular extracts conserve their revitalising and intensely moisturising* properties while respecting each skin type’s special needs.

By adapting these stabilised cellular extracts to the identity of female or male skin in highly specific formulas, and tailoring their concentration to the product’s exact purpose, we promise that we can meet the needs of every woman and man.

Learn about our Cellcosmet and Cellmen cellular skincare products here.

Hyaluron Expert Complex: your strategic ally in fighting the conspicuous traces of time

Through concerted research by our scientific team, we have developed the Hyaluron Expert Complex, composed of hyaluronic acids of various molecular weights to ensure peak effectiveness. Hyaluronic acid is contained naturally in the skin, a molecule coveted for its well-established moisturising powers, as it can retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

The specific molecular formulation of our Hyaluron Expert Complex compensates for your body's organic deficiency in hyaluronic acid, a decline inherent to the passage of time. This complex revitalises your skin, visibly plumps** your face and instantly, visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin regains its natural, springy splendour and again feels youthful and fresh.

As you peruse the pages describing our skincare formulations, you will learn about other exceptional ingredients that contribute to this extraordinary effectiveness.

Meeting every need with matchless ingredient expertise

The Cellcosmet and Cellmen philosophy is based on the exclusive CellControlTM method and our unrivalled understanding of the botanical world. With this know-how, we craft skincare formulated for each skin type, ensuring that each product is as effective as possible. Experience the power of our cyto- and phyto-cosmetic expertise and discover our precisely targeted skincare product groups that satisfy every epidermal need you may have.

Cyto-cosmetic group

Intensely powerful cellular skincare

With our exclusive cellular stabilisation method known as CellControlTM, your skin’s natural radiance returns in force. Cellcosmet and Cellmen cellular skincare formulas reduce the visible traces left by time and give your skin renewed elasticity. Unique expertise designed to enhance your natural beauty.

Phyto-cosmetic group

Botanical expertise for targeted skincare

To make the most of the wonders that nature provides us, we select the very best phyto and marine ingredients. These plant components, essential oils and marine complexes – all chosen specifically for their effectiveness – are the foundations of our Cellcosmet and Cellmen phyto formulas. Boost your beauty routine with our skin-priming products.

Cyto + phyto-cosmetic group

The perfect symbiosis of our cellular and phyto expertise

Today, in an entirely new beauty experience, Cellcosmet and Cellmen combine the actions of our cyto and phyto ingredients in expertly formulated products. This flawless synergy is channelled into skincare that combines cellular complexes and plant and marine complexes for dazzling results on your skin.

*Moisturises the upper layers of the epidermis
**In terms of appearance