Cellcosmet: the promise of new radiance

Our Swiss laboratory, on the leading edge of research and development, proudly presents Cellcosmet, a full line of outstanding skincare formulas at the forefront of cosmetic science. Our promise: to meet the specific needs of a woman’s skin through peerless cellular expertise and scrupulously selected botanical ingredients.

Science to bring out your skin’s true beauty

Cellcosmet, the gold standard in Swiss cosmetics, offers skincare products for every type of skin. Skin’s needs change with time – we therefore believe it is vital to couple our cellular technology with our phyto-cosmetic expertise for skincare that ensures incomparable results.

Explore our diverse lines and formulas, designed to work alone and synergistically to satisfy your specific requirements. Experience the unsurpassed capacity of our cellular blends to intensely revitalise and moisturise* your skin, made possible by our exclusive CellControlTM method . Your skin will be softer, more radiant, younger-looking – its every need met. Also discover our primer products, containing precious botanical and marine ingredients, for a complete and effective beauty routine. With skincare tailored to your precise needs, your natural radiance will shine through each day as you see results from the very first application.

Also try our Cellcosmet CellEctive line: exceptionally effective phyto-cellular skincare designed for the needs of more mature skin.

Ultra Vital: the iconic cream for a visibly more radiant face

Some skincare products last for decades without ever showing their age. Ultra Vital, Cellcosmet’s signature cream, is one such product. It has been faithfully applied to the most demanding faces since the brand’s founding and is now hailed and cherished by several generations of women. It has forged the legacy and legend of Cellcosmet expertise and put the brand and formula at the forefront of Swiss cosmetics.

Ultra Vital is an intensive, revitalising, 24-hour cellular cream with an ingredient blend and velvety texture that make it your ultimate beauty ally day and night. The rich, smooth consistency of Ultra Vital cream is easily absorbed, for skin that is instantly soft and comfortable. This exceptional cream has incomparable virtues that you will never want to be without. It refines your skin texture, visibly minimises fine lines, leaving you with a radiant complexion and firmer** skin – you can see the effects from the very first application.

Your beauty ritual: a moment when time stands still

When it comes to skincare, taking your time is often the key to success. This is the principle long applied by our scientific team: taking the time required to develop skincare formulas that are uncommonly effective. In the same spirit, we suggest that you devote this same time to your beauty ritual, treating yourself and your skin to a vital moment of well-being, taking tender and thorough care of your skin.

Start a #MyCellMoment daily ritual for greater inner harmony and peace.

See the rituals we have designed especially for you.

Keep your skin at its healthy best with our intensive cellular skincare programmes

Our intensive programmes are designed to be repeated based on the seasons and your skin’s specific health and beauty needs. Your skin is a living organ, your first line of protection when in contact with the outside world. We have developed programmes to support your skin, taking intensive care of it over the long term, as well as during those periods when it could use extra help. These cellular intensives, as a complement to your daily routine, will satisfy your skin’s cyclical or occasional needs.

The formulas are born of the symbiosis between our superior Swiss cellular technology and refined cosmetic expertise, to intensely revitalise your skin. With their exceptionally high concentrations of stabilised cellular extracts, these skincare blends guarantee intensely moisturised* and firmer-looking skin. Your face will feel energised** and plumped**, your fine lines will be less noticeable**, and your complexion even and glowing.

The best of our cellular and phyto expertise for complete body harmony 

Our holistic philosophy has led us to develop body care products to restore your body’s natural radiance. Often neglected and forgotten, the body accumulates the effects of fatigue and traces of time. Our body-specific Cellcosmet range includes harmonising** and revitalising cellular formulas that also contain precious plant or marine ingredients that target precise concerns. Prepare your body for a moment of true well-being: scrubs, creams, gels, emulsions – many textures and blends are available, each tailored to the body area needing attention. With Cellcosmet give your skin exactly what it needs while enjoying an unforgettable sensory experience with each application.

*Moisturises the upper layers of the epidermis

**In terms of appearance